Markets Served

Downstream / Petrochemical

Designed with advanced technology, Allegiance Cranes used in the gas and petroleum sites are exceptionally compact, lightweight, and safe. As flammable gases are a potential danger at refineries and other industrial locations, Allegiance prides itself on high safety, especially in high ignition risk areas. Cranes play an important part in the gas and petroleum industry; with this in mind, from refinement to sales and distribution, Allegiance strives in doing our part to ensure stable and smooth production. Easily installed and easy to be maintained, our cranes are used for regular facility maintenance while a wide range of overhead cranes are used to raise, lower, and transport loads.

The efficiency of your operation depends on your operators being able to pack full buckets quickly. Our cranes can be equipped with smart features to shorten load cycles and minimize spillage. By working closely with customers, Allegiance has developed a body of experience in petrochemical industry processes and material handling applications. By applying our expertise, advanced technology and service offerings, we can make a difference in the safety and productivity of your operation.

Upstream / Oil & Gas

If you are in the southeastern United States oil and gas industry, you know the need for top quality service providers with a zero tolerance for unsafe operating practices. You need partners who understand your service needs and who can deliver when and where you want it.

Certain process plants (such as refineries) require very distinct type of handling systems that can maneuver safely in an extremely flammable ecosystem. Utmost care must be taken to avoid igniting at all friction points. This demands distinctive technology and use of focused materials for construction and different types of enclosures for them. Allegiance cranes are well-suited for these types of hazardous situations.

Commercial Construction

Allegiance’s extensive fleet of lifting and rigging equipment, coupled with our skilled team of operators, has what it takes to assist commercial construction projects so that they are completed in a timely manner. We provide construction support services for new construction, additions, or demolition, and have specialty rigging and equipment to assist in tilt wall panels, complex steel erections, and air conditioning installations, to name just a few scenarios. Safety is always at the forefront of every job.

We don’t just sell you cranes and then forget you. We want to enter a long-term partnership with you to guarantee safe and reliable cranes. Allegiance has the skills and resources to ensure overhauls and substitutions are done as fast as possible.

Infrastructure / Light Industrial

Allegiance provides optimal infrastructure site support using our turnkey solutions. This includes upgrades to interstates, highways, bridge girders, and even rapid bridge replacement; rail lines and yards; and airport facilities, and more. We can successfully overcome challenges and meet deadlines by approaching projects with logistical analysis and evaluations. We evaluate all obstacles to determine the easiest and most cost efficient solutions to overcome any challenge so our clients receive fast service and a quicker turnaround time.

Our high-capacity gantry cranes are designed to prevent interference and withstand the demanding work cycles of the project. Allegiance strives to be the right solution to ensure that your infrastructure is completed on time.


Cranes are essential whenever the power industry needs a bit of muscle for maintenance or precision conveyance, and are an essential but little-discussed aspect of operations at power generation sites around the world. The unique demands of the power industry mean that cranes must be able to operate in often tough environments with precision and safety. Long periods standing idle followed by a flurry of activity at short notice also mean that absolute reliability when the time comes is a must.

Allegiance recognizes the power industry is a challenging workplace that necessitates a customised approach. The removal, placement, and installation of turbines, generators, and transformers is a time sensitive and crucial part of construction or maintenance in power plants. We use our innovative turnkey solutions and extensive fleet to lift or transport materials and keep the project in motion so everyone stays on schedule.