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Product Description

  • 33-ton (29.94-t) maximum capacity
  • 171-ft (52.12-m) maximum vertical reach*
  • 135-ft (41.15-m) maximum vertical hydraulic reach*
  • Load Moment Indicator system (LMI)
  • Proportional boom extension
  • High performance planetary winch
  • Heavy-duty triple pump hydraulics
  • 99 Gallon(375L) hydraulic reservoir with 10 micron return filter.

Maximum vertical reach is ground-level to boom tip height at maximum extension and angle with outriggers/stabilizers fully extended.

33-ton Rating

The new 1400 is a 33-ton machine, a 10% increase in capacity over the Series 1300.

New 127-foot Five-section Boom

The longest in its size range. The longer boom allows the operator to perform more lifts without the use of a jib, reducing setup time and improving efficiency. A 100-foot four-section boom or a 110-foot four-section boom is also available.

Overload Protection

  • All National cranes are equipped with overload protection:
  • Load Moment Indicator (LMI) standard on all series 1400 machines.
  • LMI display and CPU are weatherproof.
  • LCD display is visible in full or low light.
  • All crane load lifting values are displayed simultaneously.

Self-lubricating “Easy glide” Boom Wear Pads

The self-lubricating boom pads, standard on the 1400, reduce the conditions that cause boom chatter and vibration. The net result is smoother crane operation.

Internal Anti-two-block Wire

This exclusive design, standard on the Series 1400, routes the wiring through the inside of the boom. No more snagging the wire on obstructions.

“H”-style Outriggers

Two sets of “H”-style outriggers with 24’ 6” (7.47 m) span, with removable ball and socket aluminum foot pads. Independent controls located on each side of the crane – can be positioned at mid-span setting of 17’ (5.18 m).

Continuous Rotation/Glide Swing

The series 1400 is supplied with continuous rotation standard, along with the “glide swing” feature – allowing free swing during rotation – and a manually applied foot brake. 375° non-continuous rotation is also available.

Adjustable Swing Speed

Standard on the 1400. A control knob located on the swing motor brake release valve can be easily adjusted to the crane operator’s swing speed preference.

Oil Cooler

Radiator mounted at boom rest with electric fan is standard, with an option to deduct the cooler for low duty-cycle applications.

Heavier Duty Torsion Box

The stronger standard torsion box improves rigidity, reduces truck frame flex and reduces the need for counterweight.

Speedy-reeve Boom Tip and Sheave Blocks

These standard features simplify rigging changes by decreasing the time needed to change line reeving.

Pre-painted Components

Painting crane components before assembly reduces the possibility of rust, improves serviceability and enhances the appearance of the machine.

Deluxe Operator’s Cab

Rigid galvannealed steel structure, well insulated, with ample safety glass for operator visibility and comfort. Multi-position seat with arm rest controls, ventilation fans, propane heater, wipers. Optional air-conditioning is available. Optional open-seat control station in lieu of enclosed cab is available.

Improved Serviceability

  • Bearings on the boom extend and retract cables can be greased through access holes in the boom side plates.
  • Number of internal boom parts has been reduced, decreasing service time when rebuilding the machine.

New State-of-the-art Control Valve

Provides smoother operation. The new design eliminates parts, reducing repair costs and improving the machine’s serviceability.

National Crane Is the Market Leader

  • National is number one in the production of commercial truck-mounted boom trucks. National has many programs and people directly and indirectly involved to provide our customers reliable products.
  • National has the boom truck industry’s leading test program. Every structural part of the crane is cycle tested up to 60,000 cycles at full capacity. In addition to cycle testing, each model is subjected to state-of-the-art strain gauge testing that measures metal deformation as small as one one-millionth of an inch. The net result is that any weak areas are caught in test, not on job sites where costly downtime occurs.
  • All outrigger, lift and telescoping cylinders are manufactured by National Crane, so that the seals, packing glands, and end plates are traced for accurate shipment of replacement parts.
  • Parts are available for all National Crane machines, even if they are 35 years old.
  • National has a formalized quality program and is ISO 9001 approved.
  • You Expect National Crane to be a Quality Product That Will Provide Years of Service, and So Do We.

Mounting Configuration

Working area
360 degrees
Gross Axle Weight Rating Front
20,000 lb (9072 kg)*
Gross Axle Weight Rating Rear
34,000 lb (15 422 kg)*
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
54,000 lb (24 494 kg)*
Minimum 258 in (655 cm)
Cab to Axle/trunnion (CA/CT)
Minimum 180 in (457 cm)
After Frame (AF)
92 in (234 cm) minimum
Frame Section Modulus (SM), front axle to end of afterframe, w/110,000 PSI (758 MPa)
30 in3 (492 cm3)
Stability Weight, Front
9,000 lb (4082 kg) minimum**
Estimated Average Final Weight
51,880 lb (23 585 kg)***