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Product Description

  • 17,650 lb counterweight carried on the crane giving
  • just 26,450 lb axle load
  • 196.9 ft main boom and optional 29.9 ft to 108.3 ft boom extension
  • State-of-the-art engine and transmission ensure high travel comfort
  • Speed-dependent rear axle steering for increased maneuverability and driving stability
  • Innovative Demag IC-1 crane control system with touchscreen

Carrier Features

  • Drive / Steering 10 x 8 x 8.
  • Frame Torsion-resistant box girder frame fabricated from high-strength fine grain structural steel.
  • Outriggers 4 telescopic outriggers, fabricated from fine grain structural steel, fully hydraulic horizontal and vertical extension.
  • Engine Water-cooled 8 cylinder DaimlerChrysler diesel engine OM 502 LA, rating 380 kW (516 HP) at 1800 1/min, torque 2400 Nm at 1200 1/min, fuel tank capacity: 132 gallons.
  • Transmission ZF AS-Tronic, electronically automated transmission with automatic clutch, 16 forward and 2 reverse speeds with integrated retarder, 2-range transfer case, cruise control.
  • Axles Axles 2, 3, 4 and 5: driven, 1, 2, 4 and 5: steered. Transverse differential lockout control on axles 2, 3, 4 and 5. Longitudinal lockout control on axles 3 and 4.
  • Suspension Hydro-pneumatic suspension on all axles, hydraulically lockable for on-site travel.
  • Wheels and tires 10 wheels fitted with 14.00 R 25 tires (Michelin or Bridgestone).
  • Steering 10 x 8, ZF dual-circuit semiblock mechanical steering with hydraulic booster and mechanical steering limiter, speed-dependent steering, 4th and 5th axles provide for independent rear axle steering.
  • Brakes To EC directives. Sustained action brake: hydraulic retarder integrated into gearbox. Exhaust brake and constant choke valve.
  • Electrical equipment 24 V system.
  • Driver’s cab Highly comfortable ergonomic cab with clearly arranged dashboard, rubber mounted steel cab, corrosion-resistant powder coating with 2-pack top coat. 9.8 ft wide, 2 comfortable seats, with pneumatically sprung and heated driver’s seat incl. head and arm rests, and three-point seat belts, vertically adjustable steering wheel, safety glass used throughout, electric windows, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, windscreen defroster fans, engine-dependent hot water heater, electric windscreen washer and wiper, roller blinds, radio with CD player, stowage compartment, air-conditioning.

Superstructure Features

  • Engine Water-cooled 4 cylinder DaimlerChrysler diesel engine OM 904 LA, rating 130 kW (177 HP) at 1800 1/min, torque 630 Nm at 1200 1/min, fuel tank capacity: 60 gallons (on superstructure).
  • Hydraulic system Two variable displacement axial piston pumps with automatic power control enabling the operator to engage four independent working movements simultaneously, separate pump for slewing. Hydraulic oil cooler included as standard.
  • Reservoir capacity: 206 gallons.
  • Hoist Fixed displacement axial piston hydraulic motor, hoist drum with integrated planetary gear reducer, and spring-applied multi-disk brake.
  • Hydraulic brake, drum rotation indicator.
  • Slew unit Hydraulic motor with planetary gear reducer, pedal-operated brake, joystick-actuated free swing, spring-applied holding brake.
  • Boom elevation 1 differential cylinder with automatic lowering brake valve.
  • Crane cab Highly comfortable cab with sliding door, roof window and large hinged windscreen; safety glass used throughout; sprung and hydraulically damped operator’s seat with head and arm rests; wiper for windscreen and roof window; self-contained hot water heater with timer and ‘Heizmatic‘ for sensitive heat flow control; dashboard with instrumentation and crane controls, e.g. drum rotation indicator for hoists I and II, load moment limiter, outrigger loading indicator; 2 working lights, air-conditioning. The crane cab can be tilted back hydraulically 18°.
  • Main boom Boom base and 5 telescopic sections fabricated from fine grain structural steel; anti-deflection Demag Ovaloid profile. Counterweight 86,000 lb, divisible, hydraulically stowable on carrier.
  • Safety devices Electronic safe load indicator with graphic display and touchscreen, digital readout for hook load, rated load, boom length and angle, radius, monitoring code to assist in trouble shooting, and analog display to indicate capacity utilization in %, integrated control system for boom telescoping, display for duty charts and theoretical and actual outrigger loading.

Crane Configuration

10 x 8 x 8
20.5 R 25
Outrigger front
Outrigger rear
Hook block 1-sheave
2-axle boom dolly
5.700 lb