LR 1280-USA




494,700 lbs (appr)


Price on Request

Product Description

Operating Weight

The Operating weight includes the basic machine with crawlers, 2 main winches 33,100 lbs and 66 ft main boom, consisting of A-frame, boom foot (23 ft), boom head (23 ft), boom extension (20 ft) 188,500 lbs basic counterweight, 79,400 lbs carbody counterweight and 661,400 lbs hook block.

Ground pressure

Ground bearing pressure – 16.8 psi


  1. The lifting capacities stated are valid for lifting operation only (corresponds with crane classification according to F.E.M. 1.001, crane group A1)
  2. Crane standing on firm, horizontal ground.
  3. The weight of the lifting device (hoisting ropes, hook block, shackle etc.) must be deducted from the gross lifting capacity to obtain a new lifting value.
  4. Additional equipment on boom (e.g. boom walkways, auxiliary jib) must be deducted to get the net lifting capacity.
  5. For max. wind speed please refer to lift chart in operator’s cab or manual.
  6. Working radii are measured from centre of swing and under load.
  7. The lifting capacities are valid for 360 degrees of swing.
  8. Calculation of stability under load is based on DIN 15019 / part 2 / chart 1 and ISO 4305 Table 1 + 2, tipping angle 4º.
  9. The structures are calculated according to F.E.M. 1.001 – 1998 (EN 13001-2 / 2004).
  10. ANSI B 30.5

Equipment Specs

Main boom (No.2220.xx) max. length
296 ft
High reach (no. 2220.xx and 1916.xx)
391 ft
Luffing jib (No. 1916.xx) max. length
312 ft
Max. combination
boom 181 ft and luffing jib 312 ft
Fixed jib (No.1008.xx)
36 ft – 85 ft
Auxiliary jib
66,500 lbs lifting capacity