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Product Description

Big job? Small space? No problem!

The cab-down M150 is just over 11 ft. tall, which makes it an ideal choice when space is limited. But don’t be fooled by its compact size. This low-profile crane is designed for high performance. It offers:

  • 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering so it maneuvers effortlessly – even in very tight spots
  • Multiple boom configurations
  • Highly visible, ergonomically engineered two-door cab with joystick controls
  • Integrated features such as steps and handrails

See Clearly

With its low profile, sliding glass door and expansive use of glass, you’ll never lose sight of your load. The two-door cab offers maximum space for maximum comfort

Lift Confidently

In a pick and carry, there’s no room for unpredictability. The M150’s joystick controls are easy to use and responsive, so you’re always in command.

Get in and out easily

Stop climbing over tires to reach the cab. With the M150, front-mounted steps and cab-mounted handrails make getting in and out easy

Other features include:

15-ton, 10 ft. rated distance from center of rotation
Max boom length
62.5 ft.
Max boom tip height
85.5 ft.
Optional 20 ft. jib
Full Load Moment Indicator
Anti-two Block system