Pioneer 4000 Series




58,000 lbs


Price on Request

Product Description

The Pioneer Plus:

  • Patented “X” type outrigger design for superior stability
  • 500 degree rotation with no compromise over the front
  • Walk-across bridge and excellent operator vision field
  • Exclusive 26′ to 44′ off-set jib (straight or offset 15 and 30 degrees) allows operator to work further “up-and-over”
  • Two-speed hydraulic boom extension system

The Pioneer Details:

  • 55,000 lb. capacity
  • 4-section, 94ft. proportional boom
  • 104′ 10″ maximum sheave height
  • With standard two-stage jib, 148′ maximum sheave height

Additional Standard Equipment

  • Dial-a-Swing rotation speed control for maximum fine-tuning
  • Radtio ATB System
  • Capacity Alert System with indicator gauge at each control station
  • Dual air actuated foot throttles
  • Air Shift PTO
  • Winch cable tension roller
  • Rear underride bumper
  • 100 gallon hydraulic reservoir
  • 3-sheave boom tip
  • Pioneer installation of your creane

Recommended Truck Chassis Requirements

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
58,000 lbs
Front Axle Weight Rating
18,000 lbs
Rear Axle Weight Rating
40,000 lbs
258 inches
180 inches
Frame Section Modulus
30.0 inches
RBM Per Frame Rail
3,300,000 in./lbs